• US$40

    Allverne Science and Nature (delicate, allergy prone skin)

    Excellent cream for everyday care of sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Anti-wrinkle properties thanks to neo-concept technology, hypoallergenic. A perfect make-up base. Comes with a pump that makes it easy to use and sterile. Perfect for dry and cold wint ...
  • US$175

    P1P Plus A Mela Care 30ml

    P1P MelaCare reduces skin ageing process and stimulates synthesis of collagen. It focuses on eliminating hormone and aging dark spots as well as freckles. Improves the effect of MTS therapy and laser therapy and can be combined with both treatments. Soldb ...
  • US$80

    Phy-mongShe Beach Flower Melting Salt

    A blend of mineral salt and shea butter with the floral flavour that gently exfoliates skin. Very efficient, 500 g scrub. Can be successfuly used in the massage technique.
  • US$38

    Phy-mongShe Hydro pH Balance Gel

    Very easy and pleasant to apply, deeply moisturizing gel. Based on plant oil extracts. Appropriate for regular as well sensitive and prone to irritation skin.
  • US$80

    P1P: Phytopecia Hair Tonic

    Phytopecia Hair Tonic helps the active ingredients to penetrate into hair follicles, to maintain healthy scalp, prevent hair loss as well as support growth of new hair. The product applicable for both men and women. Soldbysol is the Exclusive Distributor ...
  • US$32

    P1P: Phytopecia Hair Boosting Shampoo

    This is a hair boosting shampoo made of phytospingosine phosphate and plant extract. It promotes stress relief and scalp recovery, cleans deep your scalp and has volumizing effect. Due to anti-aging qualities of P1P, your scalp becomes healthier and hair ...
  • US$175

    P1P Plus A Magic Care 30ml

    P1P Ampoule reduces skin ageing process and stimulates synthesis of collagen. The product prevents pigmentation and transforms dark spots into brighter looking skin (tranexamic acid). It deeply moisturizes your skin. Improves the effect of MTS therapy and ...