• US$48

    ReVIVA Eyelash Enhanced Serum

    ReVIVA Eyelash Serum is a combination of active ingredients that make eyelashes and eyebrows healthier, stronger and shining. It stimulates growth of eyelashes. The first effect seen just after 3 weeks.
  • US$5

    Regenerating cream for hands&nails

    Nourishes and strengthens. Based on goat's milk proteins, moisturizing glycerin, D-panthenol.
  • Special
    US$40 US$20

    Allverne Science and Nature (delicate, allergy prone skin)

    Excellent cream for everyday care of sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Anti-wrinkle properties thanks to neo-concept technology, hypoallergenic. A perfect make-up base. Comes with a pump that makes it easy to use and sterile. Perfect for dry and cold wint ...
  • US$18

    Moisturising&Soothing Face Cream with Horse-Chestnut

    The cream designed for people with sensitive, prone to redness skin, with brittle capillaries. Horse -chestnut seals the capillaries and makes them more elastic. Troxerutin reduces brittleness of capillaries and enhances peristalsis of blood vessels. A ...
  • US$18

    Mattifying&Normalising Cream with Zinc

    This cream is specially designed for oily and combination skin types that are often prone to imperfections. Zinc PCA assists in the relief of irritation and inflammation of skin. White Willow extract has exfoliating and purifying properties. Rice Oil ...