• US$45

    Wims8 CO2 Polymer Mask Set

    A set of 5 masks and 1 gel tube. Increaces skin elasticity, has brightening effect and reduces wrinkles. Long-lasting effect based on the amazing new concept.
  • US$5

    Vitamin C Brightening Mask

    Vitamin C top quality brightening and cleansing mask. Includes Gingko Leaf extract and Brown Algae extract. How to use: After cleansing your face, put the mask on and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Pat gently the remainder of the serum on your skin or dry ...
  • Special
    US$37 US$30

    Thermo-Cell O2 Fluid

    Thermo-cell improves blood circulation and helps to extract toxins.
  • US$48

    ReVIVA Eyelash Enhanced Serum

    ReVIVA Eyelash Serum is a combination of active ingredients that make eyelashes and eyebrows healthier, stronger and shining. It stimulates growth of eyelashes. The first effect seen just after 3 weeks.
  • US$39

    P1P+ Triple Magic Sunblock

    An excelent sunblock by P1P, advanced formula and increased volume. SPF50+/PA+++
  • US$59

    P1P+ Triple Magic BB

    The new BB cream by P1P, advanced formula. An excellent moisturiser, 50+/PA+++ protection, glowing and toned skin.
  • US$140


    It helps to recover and increase elasticity of your skin. It also has anti-ageing effect slowing the ageing process and reducing fine lines. Also available for home use.
  • Special
    US$40 US$20

    Allverne Science and Nature (delicate, allergy prone skin)

    Excellent cream for everyday care of sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Anti-wrinkle properties thanks to neo-concept technology, hypoallergenic. A perfect make-up base. Comes with a pump that makes it easy to use and sterile. Perfect for dry and cold wint ...