P1P: Phytopecia Hair Boosting Shampoo


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This is a hair boosting shampoo made of phytospingosine phosphate and plant extract. It promotes stress relief and scalp recovery, cleans deep your scalp and has volumizing effect. Due to anti-aging qualities of P1P, your scalp becomes healthier and hair stronger.

FDA approval
Soldbysol is Exclusive Distributor in Europ

P1P stimulates the angiogenesis and cell migration, promotes stress relief. P1P stimulates poliferation of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis, has anti-aging effect. This shampoo preserves scalp and protects hair. It controls oil and moisture balance. Provitamin B5 forms an elastic membrane on hair, increasing at the same time the volume effect.

How to use: after moistening your hair, apply the shampoo, leave it for 2-3 minutes and massage gently. Then rinse.


1000 ml, 250 ml


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